Dynamic 45E (Mains power)

///Dynamic 45E (Mains power)

Dynamic 45E (Mains power)

Brush Motor W     400W
Scrubbing width    450mm
Squeegee width     540mm
Water tank capacity   30l
Recovery tank capacity   35l
Voltage     230V


• Ideal for small and medium floors up to 1600sqm, especially when congested by people or furnishing like in wellness centres, gyms, car showroom, retail shops, hospitals and schools.
• Automatic brush attachment, discharge and delayed cut-off.
• Adjustable solution release with automatic cut-off.
• Narrow body with both side brush protrusion and 300° squeegee spin.
• Toolless removable recovery tank with large visual inspection window and stretchable discharge hose.
• Adjustable driving handle with dead man switches, soft touch controls and diagnosis (Eco Energy mode and battery low level automatic cut-off for DC version).
• Large non marking working wheels and sturdy rear roller for displacements.